Walk leaders training

Led walks are organised by local authorites across the Black Country. Apart from Walsall (in-house walk training delivery) walk leader training is delivered in partnership with the Ramblers association. To learn more about health walks in your local area please see the links below:

Dudley: Ramblers Wellbeing Walks

Wolverhampton: Ramblers Wellbeing Walks

Walsall: Healthy Spaces Weekly Health Walks Programme

Sandwell: Rambers Wellbeing Walks

Led walks (health walks) – What are they?

They are led group walks, usually no longer than 90mins held on a regular basis and led by a trained walk leader who is usually a volunteer. As well as the walk leader you will usually see multiple support volunteers, some may be walking leader trained others will be supervising registration of participants. The walk leader/s will be wearing high visibility vests and will gather the group to ask for any safety information which may impact the walk. They will also inform the group of the walk, length, any possible risks such as roads and water as well as check ins with the group during the walk. You will often see a front walk leader and a back walk leader.  

Walking is simple, free and one of the easiest ways to get more active, lose weight and become healthier.

Sometimes overlooked as a form of exercise, walking briskly can help you build stamina, burn excess calories, and make your heart healthier.

You do not have to walk for hours. A brisk 10-minute daily walk has lots of health benefits and counts towards your 150 minutes of weekly exercise, as recommended in the physical activity guidelines for adults aged 19 to 64. (NHS 2022

Are you part of (or know of) an existing group who would like to:

  • Add some physical activity onto your existing session.
  • Understand what is needed to support a health walk.
  • Increase your knowledge on physical activity and benefits of walking for your group.
  • Do you want to know more about health walks and if you can train to become a walk leader?

If you are part of an existing group, have you tried organising a walk? Before booking onto a walk leaders’ course. Do you know if people will join you? You can use google maps and other apps to plan your route. Always tell people where you are walking (especially if you are alone) and carry a mobile phone for emergencies.

If you are interested in supporting a new health walk and training as a walk leader, please read and reflect on the following questions?

1. What interests you in becoming a walk leader? Have you asked people if they would like to join a group? If you are part of an organisation, do you know who would be interested in joining a local new walking group?

2. How will being a walk leader benefit you?

3. What difference do you want to make by being a walk leader?

4. Who do you hope will attend your walk?

5. How do you know the people in Q4 are interested in a walk?

Before you consider registered as a walk leader it may be beneficial to join a group to gain experience. For further information please contact your local walk leader coordinates below.

Wellbeing Walk Dudley Video: Please watch this video to see and hear from walk leaders and attendees:

Your walk leader coordinators:

Dudley: aidan.wheeler@dudley.gov.uk or 01384 816316

Sandwell: matthew_hill@sandwell.gov.uk

We welcome your feedback while we continue to improve the platform.