About Active Black Country

Anyone who wants to activate people in the Black Country to become more physically active

  • We work collaboratively with a range of local partners to inspire and enable people to lead an active lifestyle. Our core purpose is to understand the region’s communities and residents, connect and collaborate with partners and influence policy, strategy, investment and delivery of interventions.       
  • We continue to develop a deep understanding of the Black Country and its people.
  • We provide insight into the needs of local residents and partner priorities via the ‘Black Country Insight Hub’
  • We develop the right opportunities for people to start and stay being active through bringing partnerships together to enable delivery of a range of diverse, inclusive and attainable activities.
  • We support existing partners and providers to promote and grow the variety of opportunities available for local people.
  • We secure investment for the Black Country.
  • We provide training and advice.
  • We run events, campaigns and forums across the region.
  • We gather evidence and evaluation to advocate and champion the Black Country.


The community pages are private and open groups for those who want to know more about a particular group or to set one up your self which can be open (open for anyone to join or private, invite only which requires named admins approval)

Watch the short video tutorial below.

How to use the platform

Watch the short video tutorial below.

The Black Country activation academy is free to use, but you will need to register to gain access to the courses. However you can view a summary of each course without registration.

To do this, click the green “Browse courses” button on the home page, this will take you to the browse courses page.

This page you show you all the courses available on the platform. You can narrow down your search user the filters or sort by options. Click the name or image of a course that interests you to find out more.

The course details page gives you a summary of what the course is about, who can benefit from it, what you will learn and a list of the individual lessons.

To get started click the “Login to enroll” button then create an account if you don’t have one. But if you’re already logged in, click the “Start Course” button.

You gain points for every lesson you take, every course you complete and every user you activate.

Finishing a lesson earns you 2 points, activating a user earns you 5 points and completing a course earns you 10 points. You can see your total points tally on the dashboard and in any group within the community section.

There are 3 Levels within the Black Country Activation Academy. Each level requires you to achieve certain tasks. Levels are not determined by the amount of points you have.

  • To achieve level 1 you most complete a course.
  • To become a level 2 student you must complete one course and also activate 10 people.
  • In order to reach level 3, you must have completed 2 courses in total and activated 20 people in total.

The colour of the trophies on the leader board signify what level a user is currently at. Grey trophy means the user is at level 0. Green means the user is currently at level 1. Yellow is for level 2 and green for level 3.

We welcome your feedback while we continue to improve the platform.